Ethics and Code of Conduct

Code of Ethics

At Neo7Bioscience, we are committed to building platforms and products for better health. We are in pursuit of ideal science and forthright integration to discover answers to the questions of different diseases, both life-threatening and chronic. Our core collection of dedicated staff work persistently and diligently to create solutions that not only improve health but determine a healthy future for the entire world.

Business Conduct

Since Neo7Bioscience’s inception, employees have worked together to contribute to our mission of advancing patient care by developing groundbreaking therapeutics to treat life-threatening diseases. Fundamental to this mission is Neo7Bioscience’s adherence to the highest legal and ethical standards of business conduct. As a company driven by science and dedicated to improving patient care and quality of life, Neo7Bioscience is committed to such standards, as adherence to these protects patient safety, the company, its employees and business customers.

It is the responsibility of every Neo7Bioscience employee to be knowledgeable about, and comply with, Neo7Bioscience’s business conduct policies. The company believes working together to move its business forward in the spirit of these policies will continue to enhance the reputation of Neo7Bioscience Sciences.

Our Commitment

Neo7Bioscience’s success depends on our ability to collaborate with suppliers worldwide. As part of our procurement and supply-chain strategy, we employ responsible sourcing, supplier inclusion, auditing procedures, green chemistry and sustainable manufacturing and distribution principles to minimize the impact from our procurement and supply chain practices.

We are committed to working with suppliers that share our values related to social, economic and environmental performance. If your company is able to demonstrate your ability to provide quality goods and services at a fair price and commitment to social and environmental responsibilities, we welcome the opportunity to work with you and include you in our success story.

Neo7Bioscience uses a combination of company owned facilities and strategic third-party partners to manufacture and distribute products worldwide. We are dedicated to reducing the environmental impact associated with manufacturing our products.

Neo7Bioscience’s suppliers for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and drug products must observe GMP regulations as required by the FDA and other relevant health authorities worldwide. GMP covers all aspects of production including manufacturing procedures, testing methods, maintenance of premises and equipment, training, personal hygiene of staff and appropriate documentation.