Analysis platforms for comprehensive of individuals health tendencies to mitigate health risks and concerns

Key Metrics

Sample Type

Saliva & Urine

Automated Analysis

Saliva & Urine

4-7 Weeks

Turn Around Time


Analytic pipeline and health report is an analysis service that provides a detailed report of a patient’s immune system status, potential disease conditions and recommendations for lifestyle, diet, supplement and drug adjustments.


Action and regenerative-based health data and utility asset that builds throughout the individual's lifetime to assist in achieving peak health and longevity. Neo7HealthIndex develops an individualized regenerative peptide-based design.

  • This action-based solution succeeds by testing an individual's exome (complete functional genetics), protein, and precision health markers involved in the body's daily health and remodeling.
  • The human body performs all of its complex cell functions in a clock-like rhythm. It is necessary to evaluate this rhythm of unseen intricate patterns by focusing upon the precision processes that work together to keep the body healthy.
  • Neo7HealthIndex is both for healthy individuals that are proactive in their health and want a baseline to track.
  • It is also for individuals concerned about their health with a history of health conditions or family health history that adversely affects daily life.