A proprietary platform for the comprehensive analysis of an individuals health
tendencies to mitigate health risks and concerns

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Saliva & Urine

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Neo7HealthIndex and Individualized Design
  1. I. Unchangeable
  2. Genetics and Immune Inheritance Markers are your genetic blueprint. In other words, it's an unchangeable genetic birthright. However, these genetic markers are not the end-all-be-all of your health; they are a reference point guiding to direct positive impact health actions to influence your daily functional health. WES, whole-exome sequencing, is a valuable genetic sequencing that plots genes/proteins related to the human body's known functions. Neo7HealthIndexfocal areas are functional relationships influenced by positive impact action to transform unfavorable inheritance into vibrant health.

  3. II. Changeable
  4. Functional Health Markers are your changeable functions when positively impacted with healthy action, e.g., healthy life choices, diet, proper exercise, relaxation and nutrition supplementation, and proactive health follow-up will significantly contribute to vibrant health outcomes.

  5. III. Epigenetics
  6. Epigenetic mechanisms are flexible genomic parameters that can change genome function under exogenous (outside of the body) influence and provide a mechanism that allows for the stable propagation of gene activity states from one generation of cells to the next. Frontiers | Epigenetics and Metabolism in Health and Disease | Genetics (


  • Neo7HealthIndex is the first of its kind to combine exome, proteomics, biomarkers, hormones, immune genetic mapping, and gene-drug interactions as functional analysis. Neo7HealthIndex is a foundation screening tool that selects, maps, and ranks biodata for real-time view, precision, and personalized solutions.

  • The healthy person has a screening that can give a baseline to build future solutions. Then, should there ever be a need for future interventions, the data will match the best-in-class precision and personalized therapeutics.

  • The person concerned about disease risk or is currently diagnosed with a disease will have a platform to build a proactive precision and personalized therapeutic design to assist body systems in fighting and adapting against the disease.

  • Personalized packaged multi-omics and biomarker data library of personalized data is an investment of inestimable value.

  • Individualized regenerative medicine is the best type of personalized medicine available, and Neo7HealthIndex designs a personalized regenerative multi-peptide solution that enhances healthy epigenetics.


  • Neo7HealthIndex builds a deep read personalized exome library of genetic data useful for screening, tracking, mapping, ranking, and precision / personalized development of therapeutic design unique to the person.

  • Gene/protein mutations observed in disease are reported and analyzed as a foundation for effective disease mitigation and developing a proactive, personalized plan.

  • Gene/protein mutations are relevant to the person’s health and medical history and are recognized as a prediction marker for risk and listed on the report. In addition, the same gene/proteins are cross-correlated with the proteome, biomarkers, hormones, HLA susceptibility, and gene-protein drug interactions to reveal the real-time functional values.

  • The exome biodata library value continues to build value through a person's lifetime and future generations. The weight and benefit of the data in mitigating personal health risk and potential future generations disease risk with action-based value is one of a kind.

Urine Proteome

  • There are thousands of proteins connected with gene/protein encoded function in all human body systems. Neo7HealthIndex captures these proteins through exosomal enrichment, classifies normal functional proteins versus disease-associated proteins, and distinguishes them.

  • Proteins related to disease or disorder are ranked and cross-correlated with genetics (WES), biomarkers, and HLA susceptibility.

Urine Biomarkers and Hormones

  • Forty analyte biomarkers related to essential hormonal, metabolic, and inflammation regulatory functions are cross-correlated. These biomarkers are pivotal in forecasting body stress and deficiencies. Focus areas are stress adaptation, sleep, sexual performance, inflammation regulation, hormone activity, and protection.

  • Health action program steps to address deficiencies, mitigate disease, and disorderly function integrated into the Neo7HealthIndex mobile app that offers proactive solutions that will help the person progressively improve their health-enhancing vitality and longevity.

Immune Genetic Mapping

  • A person’s immune fingerprint is also known as HLA. The HLA determines the risk, susceptibility, and protections related to health.

  • HLA typing is also essential in developing precision and personalized treatments specific to disease diagnosis. Neo7HealthIndex lays the foundation for this valuable health asset for future needs.

Gene-Drug Interactions

  • Gene-Drug associations reveal a person’s metabolic ability to handle certain drugs that can be considered toxic.

  • Pharmacogenetic associations for which the data support therapeutic management recommendations.

  • Pharmacogenetic associations for which the data indicate a potential impact on safety or response.

  • Pharmacogenetic associations for which the data demonstrate a potential impact on pharmacokinetic properties only.


Neo7HealthIndex InfiniRythm

  • Neo7HealthIndex Index plots and cross-correlates genetics, proteomics, biomarkers and hormones, immune susceptibility, and gene-drug interactions in the algorithm that registers health progress.

  • Neo7HealthIndex Index assigns the optimal, favorable, and suboptimal categories on a bar indicator to measure health progress.

  • Neo7HealthIndex Index is valuable in creating action steps, virtual coaching, and programming to help the person reach their immediate health goals and milestones.

Ancestry to Disease Relationship

  • Ancestry disease relationships and patterns are annotated, which will be a helpful guide in familial health awareness.

In-Depth Summary Review

  • The summary outlines health coaching elements to assist the person in accomplishing their health goals and milestones.

Individualized Regenerative Multi-Peptide Design

  • Neo7HealthIndex maps select and engineer a five-peptide individualized regenerative design targeting the key markers identified that enhance key molecular pathways associated with keeping homeostasis and healthy function, thereby decreasing unfavorable changes observed in disease patterns.