Shamsuddin Sultan Khan (PhD)

VP, Research & Development
Shamsuddin Sultan Khan (PhD).
VP, Research & Development
Shamsuddin Sultan Khan PhD., VP, Research & Development,received his PhD. from University of Science Malaysia in 2017. In his doctoral research, he discovered four benizimdizole derivatives, one organotin derivative and four flavonoid derivatives as anti-cancer agents to work through angiogenic pathways, epitopes target, and immune cytokines in immunotolerant mice.

His research area is extensively interdisciplinary. He worked as a visiting research fellow in Western Sydney University, and determined the polypharmacology mechanism of action for multicomponent based botanical drugs. He developed xenograft orthotopic third generation in-vivo solid tumor model for the treatment of glioblastoma and investigated the tumor progression using FMT imaging.

His specialties include synthesis, characterization, anti-cancer screening, in-vivo tumor model, immunotherapy, epitope base cancer drug delivery, anti-cancer vaccines, and bio applications of nanoparticles, mechanism and toxicity studies of new anti-cancer and cardiovascular agents through novel pathways, mechanism and toxicity studies of nanoparticles, Hybrid nanoparticles, including genetic materials such as mRNA, SiRNA for cancer and cardiovascular drug delivery, Porous Particles for Pulmonary drug delivery, MRI catheterization for cardiovascular diseases, and Optical imaging. He is interested on genetic materials based drug delivery, tissue engineering and cancer biology.